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We adopt a different vision to most resume writing services in the market. We are not only Professional Resume Writers, but we are also young, successful, driven, business executives.  For over 10 years, we have been actively involved in hiring or recruiting and we are still involved and employed in those roles as we speak. Match that with experience in communications consultancy and graphic's the perfect combination to create a resume that not only sounds good....but looks good too.


Winifred Myers, BA, CPRW.

Writer & Proofreader, Winifred Myers

Writer & Proofreader, Winifred Myers

The inspiration behind starting our own business, Winifred used to be a contractor for other Professional Writers. She realized that her approach and view of every client having a "USP" (unique selling point), meant that she always spent the additional time and effort in ensuring each Resume was different. Something that is not always the case with other resume services.

Winifred was a passionate writer from a young age, showing a key interest in Shakespeare, she honed her passion into her degree, graduating with a Bachelors in English from Colorado University.

As a qualified executive resume writer she has written resumes for CEOs, senior executives, public official and board members.

Winifred ensures high quality of writing and powerful, yet succinct communication throughout your resume. She maintains resume quality through a strenuous quality process. 

As head writer for Myer Resumes she ensures consistency throughout all your documents,  ensuring quality language in all our resume writing to ensure the target audience is consistently engaged.



Nicole Riccardo - Executive Resume Writer

Nicole Riccardo

Executive Resume Writer

Jessica Banks - Professional Resume Writer

Jessica Banks

Professional Resume Writer, Former Recruiter/Hiring Manager

Linda Hill

Professional Resume Writer, CPCC


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