Resume Writing Process

How Does Our Process Work?

We have developed a well-honed process. We clarify and reinforce your unique value proposition through written exercises and one-on-one conversations with your writer and refine your target focus. Below is the list of steps we undertake.

  1. Initial inquiry - To start, if you have a current resume we will perform a free evaluation, at the same time if you are targeting a particular position provide links to the advertised positions. We can then evaluate your current documents along with the targeted position. We will then recommend next steps along with a price quotation for us to achieve your aspirations. 

  2. Telephone Consultation - Once you decide which service option to proceed with and payment has cleared, we start the additional information gathering process. We will conduct a free collaborative telephone consultation clarifying items such as your career history, job search goals, target positions and companies. We focus on facts, figures and objectives to develop a well-versed quality resume to fully accentuate your skill set and background.

  3. Resume Creation or Revamp - Once we gather all the information we need from the consult, the creation and editing process will begin. Our professional resume writers will first create your resume by collaborating with fellow resume strategists to ensure a stunning comprehensive resume, specifically targeted towards positions you intend to secure. The resume is then sent to the Head of Projects to ensure all objectives are fulfilled. Within 5 working days the documents will be emailed for your review.

  4. Delivery of Final Documents - Upon receiving your resume, you will have the opportunity to work with the Head of Projects on any questions, revisions or changes that may be needed. One round of unlimited revisions is included in every service. When you are 100% satisfied with your resume, we will send your final documents in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you just write resumes? We offer significant experience and have assisted a variety of clients in various industries for Resume Creations, Revamps, LinkedIn profile optimization or Creation, Cover Letters and Interview Coaching. We have held lectures, career development days and corporate training sessions on how to enhance an individuals career search.

  2. What are your prices? We offer a bespoke service, as each client has different needs and requirements, each resume will vary in its price. Ultimately, the price will reflect how much attention and editing the resume requires. For instance, if the client is at an Executive Level the resume building process will require more attention thus affecting its price. However, if the resume is already powerful and may only need a modern unique touch, the price again will reflect the attention and editing performed.

  3. What is the turnaround time? The majority of projects/resumes are completed in 5-7 business days after the phone consultation. Our standard turnaround is listed as 5 business days to ensure our team will have sufficient time to carefully review your background and formulate the most effective strategy for creating your new resume.

  4. When can I schedule my consultation? How long will it take? The most effective way to begin is to send us your current resume, along with your target positions. Initial consultations could take between 30-60 minutes, however, sometimes we do an information gathering exercise before the consult in order to be more efficient with our client's time. We speak one on one to get the information we need in order to write a unique, modern and impactful resume.

  5. Do you use worksheets/questionnaires? Sometimes we may have specific questions in order to prepare us for your consultation. Every individual is unique and their resumes should be no different. This is where we distinguish ourselves from all other writing services. We speak one-on-one to our clients in order to write unique, modern and impactful resumes.

  6. Do you need a resume to begin work? No. We can gather all the information we need in the consultation process. However, we recommend providing a list of positions you wish to apply for. It will ultimately help you in the long run.

  7. What makes you different to other Resume Writers or companies? Competing resume companies focus on being a good writer, which is a great start but not a complete package. Not only do we decades of working in the business world, we are also in touch with modern hiring practices. Furthermore, we merge business experience, graphic design, hiring management and excellent resume writers to produce a well-versed product – your quality resume that creates an impact.

  8. How do I know I'll be getting a good resume? Our process enables you to provide edits - free of charge, check out our testimonials and look at impartial review sites. Moreover, be sure to do your research. It is an important decision for your future and your wallet. Check out the competition and look into the details. Are they aging writers that have written for over 20 years? Does the company, their website or the resumes look dated? Make sure the company you choose is in touch with today and the future. We recommend you fully research other companies as well as Myer Resumes to ensure you are comfortable. We are confident in our abilities and knowledge. We are very proud that the resumes we deliver are more modern and unique compared to some of our competors.


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