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Our Mission

Since 2006, we have collaborated and assisted clients achieve their career aspirations with Resumes that have proven results and success. We are passionate about ensuring our clients fulfill their potential on paper and online so they not only make an impact in the hiring process, but also put them in a stronger position for salary negotiations.

Professional Resume Writing - Service options

Our primary client base is Senior Professionals and Executives, however, we do not just specialize in executive resumes. We write impactful, unique and modern resumes for a variety of career levels and industries:

  • Entry Level - Resume for graduates or clients with less than 2 years of experience

  • Professional Level - Resume for clients with 2 or more years of experience

  • Executive Level - Resume for Directors, Vice Presidents, C-Levels and Board Level

  • Military Transition - Resume for the transition to civilian employment

  • Curriculum Vitae - Resume for Academic, Medical or International experience

We offer a bespoke service, since each client has different needs, each resume will vary in its price. Ultimately, the price will reflect how much attention and editing the resume requires. We do not set an all-inclusive fixed price on our website for this very reason. Not only does Myer Resumes rely on word of mouth as our successful marketing campaign, but we also want you to use our services again in your next career advancement. In addition to our resume service, we also offer assistance on the following;

  • Cover Letters, specifically tailored or base letters that can be customized

  • LinkedIn Profiles, Optimization or Creation

  • Resume Analysis, Editing, Revamp and Evaluations

  • Interview Coaching

If you have any questions about our services, prices, or process please feel free to shoot us an email at We aim to answer and return all of our client emails within 24 hours and we will be happy to answer any questions about our services.

Chris, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU again for your help with my resume and LinkedIn account. I just landed my dream job with Amazon! I definitely could not have done it without your help and advice.
— Phoebe, client in 2018 via email
Let him help you to know a better you. This is what I thought when I got my resume from Christopher beside endless excitement and happiness. He is way beyond excellent. I feel much more confident after I received my resume and cover letter. We had an appointment at 1:00 PM and he called at at exactly 1:00:00, which is truly awesome and shows what kind of team this is. Give them a try and I am telling you it will worth every penny. Enjoy and good luck to all.
— Yu L, client in 2017 via Yelp
“I needed to upgrade from a post graduation resume to a professional version and they did the job in the first draft. From my first application it took 45 days to get the final offer I wanted. I made it to the final round of three separate positions; all of which were title promotions and a minimum 15% pay increase. I had multiple interviewers comment on the resume specifically.
Their prices were above the competition but after shopping around I didn’t consider the others to be competition. It was money well spent on a cover letter and resume. Don’t wait any longer in your job search and call them immediately.”
— Emma F, client in 2016 via Yelp

What We've Achieved

  • Collaborated with 500+ clients since 2014, with a portfolio of diverse positions and industries.

  • We are global. Since 2016, clients have come from 10 different countries, 99% of our client base have been effectively and efficently assisted remotely.

  • We are recognized as industry experts and leaders, and have been featured in Fast Company magazine, &, as well as many other publications.

  • Awarded as the best editorial service in San Diego County.

  • 50+ five star reviews have been recorded by our happy clients for our services on Yelp, Google and Yahoo.

  • Client confidentiality remains at the heart of services. We have assisted executives and senior leaders at blue chip companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, even an entrepreneur that was featured in Forbes magazine.

  • Successfully assisted clients from C level executives, board members, experienced professionals, and new graduates from a variety of diverse industries.

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